Standards Based, Quantum Resilient
Key Management as a Service

Solving Digital Security and Privacy for the Masses

Scentrics is a leading exponent of cybersecurity and machine learning and the first company to have solved the once intractable problem of the Man in the Middle attack.

Recognising the need for enterprise to comply with increasing regulatory requirements as well as the growing desire for privacy by consumers, the Scentrics team, comprising leading academics in the areas of machine learning, cryptography and cyber security, set out to find a solution that balanced all of these requirements whilst at the same time meeting the needs of national security.

By developing a server based key management and distribution service, the team overcame the problem of keys being lost at the same time as the device. Whilst solving the immediate problem of regulatory compliance, the solution also solved the problem of privacy to the masses., overturning the plethora of problems in traditional solutions such as PKI.

Key management is the most complicated part of the delivery of this solution, and it is also the underlying reason, or problem, why cryptography is not often used to protect data.

The fact that user keys must be serviced independent of content, and must be able to be policy-controlled, is fundamental to all privacy-based services. Further, keys must never be kept long-term within the clients – they must only serve the purpose of encrypting or decrypting the data at that moment, and then be destroyed.

Scentrics’ SaPaaSTM addresses these needs, thereby removing a major obstacle to the successful provision of data protection services to the end user. Any application, be it on a smart phone or computer, which requires cryptography-based security can be readily built using a simple Application Interface (API) on this infrastructure.

Here is how the systems works:

The user or device simply authenticates him/herself to the server when a key is required

The keys are securely and automatically downloaded to the user’s device

These local copies are deleted immediately after use and are not stored on the device

Where traditional systems allocate keys per user, the SaPaaS allocates a key for every data object. Coupled with the Scentrics Policy engine this creates a new universe of opportunity for developers . Access to individual data items can be managed by the creator irrespective of who or where or when the data resides.

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