Social Media Security

Freedom to post and communicate privately

This video shows how Scentrics can work on social media platforms such as Facebook.

Decide your privacy in one click

Block unwanted posts.

Scentrics post approval feature ensures that no posts on your page are visible until you say so. Automatic encryption and notification means that until accepted, users are exposed to an encrypted post. If you reject it the encrypted post is deleted. Enjoy your social network safe from unwanted comments and posts.

Design your privacy for every post.

With Scentrics you select who can see what data, quickly and easily. just upload your post as normal, select the friends you want to view it and click ‘upload secure’. Unapproved users are exposed to encrypted images and posts. Maintain easier and tighter control over your posts.

Decide who sees what.

Scentrics image encryption means you select who sees which photo or post. Restrict some pictures to family members, others to friends, keeping your social network as wide or as intimate as you choose. Scentrics image encryption also blocks tagging applications. Share your world without sacrificing your privacy.

Protect against hacking.

Scentrics social network messaging encryption protects against hacking. Private communications in your inbox and your friends’ inbox’s remain encrypted, securing your data against theft, leaving you free to communicate in the comfort that your privacy stays protected.

Protect your data from marketeers.

Marketeers collect and store your data

Without Scentrics your personal information is exposed to marketeers who collect, store and analyse it to target you with advertising. Chat, comments, photos, messages, posts… your personal information becomes someone else’s property, stored on their servers. You lose control of your data.

Access and control your privacy from any device.

One click and Scentrics encrypts your data before it reaches the social network. No one sees your information unless you explicitly say so. All of your data is hidden from marketeers, social networking companies, and users that you do not specifically select. Scentrics enables you to take back control of your online world.