The Scentrics API

Encryption and Privacy for Your Apps

World’s first plug and go privacy API for App Developers.

A server centric key management service providing the foundations for millions of secure applications.

Keep your app data safe & secure.

Let developers stay focussed on their application and let Scentrics power their security with the Scentrics API. It is a low-cost, single solution to all apps which is standards based and is now ready for all platforms.

Scentrics offers developers an easily implemented approach to security and privacy through server-centric, standards-based encryption for cross platform applications.

  • Gives developers an automated key-management solution, so they can continue to develop their apps, and leave privacy to a trustworthy third party
  • Builds trust and loyalty with users due to the assurance of data security and privacy
  • Simple to add and effortless to manage


Encrypt and secure app data including files, messages, photos, and personal information.


Scentrics provides AES 256 bit encryption that will help build trust and loyalty with your users.


Scentrics manages the security layer to scale on-demand with your growing user base.


Ship cross-platform secure apps with ease by integrating the Scentrics cross platform SDK’s.

Simply Plug and Go

Scentrics offers an easily implemented approach to post quantum security through one-click, standards-based encryption for cross platform applications, consumer and business devices, IoT, Industry 4.0 and more. The innovative Security and Privacy as a Service Platform (SaPaaS™) from Scentrics provides the foundation to secure any application with a low-cost, easy to implement, single solution.

  • Rapid installation
  • Simple to use
  • Direct server API’s
  • Multi platform client SDK’s
  • IAM, AD, LDAP integration
  • Very low cost per endpoint
  • Granular policy control
  • Post Quantum compliant

Just a few lines of code to connect

Build Secure Apps.

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The Scentrics SDK makes it easy to add Scentrics privacy and encryption into iOS and Android apps. Visit our registration page to download