Company news: Scentrics granted valuable patent in the US

Scentrics — a UK-based cybersecurity and machine learning company — has been granted a patent by the United States Patent and Trademarks Office for ‘Mobile Device Security’, one of the vital ingredients of its unique solution for ensuring both the privacy of your digital life and the safeguarding of national security through its architectural solution.

This is the company’s 11th successful patent application, affording Scentrics protection against imitators in key marketplaces. Further patent applications are also under consideration by the relevant offices worldwide, and the company will be giving updates as required.

Why is this important news? The value of Scentrics’ innovation is in its creation of new ways to conduct private messaging and encrypt digital content of all kinds for all platforms. Scentrics’ solution provides one-click privacy. Simple to use and implement, it’s completely scalable to protect an internet-sized population of humans and machines.

This sought-after IP is key to the value of Scentrics and its market. It has been the result of excellent academic input and industry collaboration.

The business offers a value proposition to all telco service providers, and others, looking to comply with the market-driven forces of privacy, balanced with domestic and international law, legal and regulatory constraints.

Platform for privacy

The main thrust of our commercial enterprise is to licence our specific techniques and their implementation to telcos, governments and application developers. We offer a platform that others can use to enable privacy for unlimited use cases — from simple mobile applications, to IoT and smart cities.

Our ‘Mobile Device Security‘ patent, put very simply, describes a method for encrypting and decrypting messages using centralised, separate key servers to create, store and distribute the keys used to carry out those encryption actions. And for the recovery of specific keys should the service owners be served with a legal warrant by security or law enforcement agencies.

A second patent, ‘System and method of enforcing a computer policy‘, is also owned by Scentrics in multiple territories. This is designed to help enterprises keep information and devices secure by only allowing access to encryption keys – once again, kept on a remote server – if the device is verified to be operating according to the organisation’s security policies. If it is not, then the organisation can restrict the functionality of the device, by preventing it from connecting to the Internet, for example. It can also protect against the theft or loss of the device by preventing access to information, over and above the built-in security of the device itself. This patent describes certain important aspects of our key management methods and will also be key to Scentrics’ movement into corporate markets in the future.

Between these two patents, and their successful grant in key territories, Scentrics has a robust defence against potential competitors and this gives us an important ‘foot-in-the-door’ when we approach potential customers. It would be very difficult to imitate our solution, the importance of which is becoming increasingly evident as both the demand for digital privacy and the shortcomings of existing encryption methods become clearer.