Privacy matters to all of us. It encapsulates so much about us as human beings and as individuals. Privacy allows us to respect individuals, place limits on government power, establish some boundaries with others in society and to place trust in relationships. But in an internet, connected, digital world how are we to preserve that much valued privacy?

The internet was not built with privacy in mind. Scentrics believes that privacy should be built into the internet, that it should be there by design. The concept of Privacy by Design is not new, but as regulation, governance, legal frameworks and user pressure combine to deliver a perfect storm of privacy focused activity, it leaps to the forefront of everything.

Integrating privacy into a business to protect customers, employees and suppliers is now given equal weight as the security, risk and threat measures taken by boards and senior leadership teams because of this perfect storm. Data protection laws across the globe all, with some variation in definition, want to ensure that personal identifiable data is used and processed to legal and ethical standards. This means organizations must solve and build to these policies and standards.

app privacy

Scentrics understands that building in privacy cannot add to the challenges of doing business, cannot create friction or slow down the sales cycle therefore, the innovative implementation of securing and encrypting data, separating the management of keys from the device and ease of incorporation into any application via an SDK developed by Scentrics, is critically important to any business, large or small. One of the major requirements for some of the global data protection regulations (for example EU GDPR) is to allow greater control of user privacy by the user and this is also one of Scentrics’ core capabilities.

Putting privacy at the centre of an organisation brings together several important disciplines – at the very least policy, technology and governance teams need to be in sync. Building compliant policies and procedures for the key data protection legislation and ensuring compliance with the standards for particular market sectors, such as HIPAA in healthcare, can only succeed when supported by technology that has privacy at its centre as well.

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