Leadership Team

Paran Chandrasekaran, CEO

Paran is a technology entrepreneur with a vision to deliver privacy to the masses. Having recognised the trend for an insatiable appetite for user’s data, he set about with other global thought leaders to form a scheme for ethically balancing the needs of personal security together with the needs of nationals security and targeted advertising. This would take the form of developing a high value IP proposition in the fields of cryptology and machine learning. The ethical dimension here was and remains core to the values of his (and his co-founders’) vision.

In the early 90’s Paran formed a cutting edge Information security business which bridged the gap between academia and industry before becoming an advisor to the Price of Wales’ Business Advisory Board, the Department of Trade and Industry on the formation of encryption policy, a member of the CBI’s e-commerce initiative and a founder member of the UK government’s initiative for CISSP accreditation to allow for market entry of security professionals, amongst others.

Paran graduated with a degree in Computer Science from the University of London and is now a visiting professor in Intelligent Systems within Computer Science at the faculty of Engineering Sciences, UCL.

Scentrics is the culmination of a career spanning decades of cybersecurity entrepreneurship and research and global policy formation.

John Shawe-Taylor, Chair, Scentrics Technical Innovation Board

John is a professor at University College, London, where he is the former head of Computer Science. He is also the Director of the Centre for Computational Statistics and Machine Learning. His main research area is Statistical Learning Theory. He has coordinated several European-wide projects investigating the theory and practice of Machine Learning. John has authored over 150 research papers and two books about support vector machines and kernel methods. He is among the most highly cited academics in his field.

John supervised the research programme for DeepMind, is a Google Scholar and in early 2019 was appointed Ambassador for the United Nations AI initialtive on behalf of UNESCO. Of his many contributions to Computer Science, the late 90’s saw an innovative and revolutionary approach to the applicaiton of statistical analysis for computer vision, which has led to the ability for modern computers to ‘see’.

John, overseas the specification and implementation of Scentrics’ Platform as a Service (PaaS) key management protocal and advance machine learning techniques.

Jerome Mohamed, COO

Jerome has spent most of his career in technology and technology sales. His strong combination of leadership and technical skills allows him to be the lead on high profile accounts. His experience spans numerous sectors including financial, media and charity. A Microsoft and Cisco Certified engineer, the last eight years have seen Jerome in roles as diverse as trainer, salesperson, consultant and company director. Prior to Scentrics, Jerome played a significant role in assisting the founders of a London-based IT Support Company, increase its sales and assist its subsequent exit. Jerome joined Scentrics bringing this versatility and breadth of expertise together running the day-to-day operations of the business.

Phillip Price, Director

Phil is a commercially focused Finance Executive with significant experience in a number of organisations and sectors.  

Following a degree in Computer Science from Manchester University, he qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Arthur Andersen then spent a number of years as a CFO in the technology, fiber optics and biotech sectors including working with 3i, fund raising and completing an IPO in the US.

He moved to the US as divisional CFO for Quintiles then Iron Mountain, Bausch and Lomb and Readers Digest where he completed numerous acquisitions and business transformations.

Clare Rees, Head of Marketing & Developer Programs

Clare has a broad background in technology marketing most recently in the Cybersecurity and Identity and Access Management market.   Clare has specific experience of building Global GTM plans for early to mid-stage technology organisations.  Clare has also worked on enterprise and consumer-facing technologies in the database, creative, collaboration and virtual world sectors.   At Scentrics, Clare is focused on the application developer market and leading recruitment of developers to the Scentrics platform.