Overview & Vision

Our pedigree and vision is to serve the global adoption of post quantum encryption and exponential growth in privacy demand through machine learning… because
…the next cyber security wave is upon us

Quantum Resilient Cyber Security

Scentrics has made a series of technological breakthroughs that render fine-grained cyber security compatible with the application of artificial intelligence. Its Standards based platform retrofits the essential service of security in the Internet’s body (ISO 7 Layer model).

The use of cryptographic techniques, to protect information is absolutely vital.  Cryptography can be used to guarantee confidentiality, to enable detection of unauthorized changes, and to guarantee the origin of data.  Although solutions exist to protect sensitive content and data, whether stored or in transit, it can be difficult to use or to integrate into a workflow.  Traditionally, key management is the answer, but it can be cumbersome, slow and difficult to scale.  Issuing keys, storing them securely and using multiple devices also causes major problems.

This is the problem Scentrics has solved with Scentrics’ Security and Privacy as a Service (SaPaaSTM)

Scentrics answers the challenge of security and privacy for the internet with an architecture designed for a digitised world. Our vision is to integrate into every connected application, platform and device making the internet safer for all users.